Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapy is a technique administered by a trained professional; using hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue (muscles) in the body. As we move through life we can easily injure our bodies' tissue with incorrect posture, body mechanics, and physical injuries throughout life. If we are not careful to drink the proper amounts of water and stretch properly we can easily incur injury, and encounter tight muscles that will pull on our structure and make it difficult to be mobile. This can easily cause pain and discomfort. Massage can help to loosen the tightness in the muscles and aid in the repair of the damaged tissues.

It is an important part of your overall flexibility and health care maintenance to receive massage at least once a month.If you have had massages in the past, you know the benefits include increased circulation and stress relief. But some health conditions require more focused attention on specific muscles and trigger points that are causing your pain or stiffness. While you will certainly enjoy your massage from one of our professional therapists, deep tissue massage goes beyond relaxation.

We use different massage techniques for soft-tissue bodywork, like myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching techniques, and in conjunction with chiropractic care adjustment to give you lasting relief.